Learn More about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Drugs and alcohol abuse remains a serious problem among many people. This is because addiction is a disease that affects the brain. It, therefore, becomes difficult for addiction patients to stop drugs or alcohol on their own. Brain habit and pleasure circuits are affected. As a result, what you could use in moderation become difficult to control. Even when you know the harm caused by drugs and substance, you still use them.

The good news, however, is that addiction can be successfully treated in a rehab center. A professional rehab will use a combination of therapy programs to find what works for you. However, cognitive-behavioral therapy has been found helpful in fighting addiction successfully. Through cbt san antonio in a professional treatment center, you can successfully beat addiction.

The main purpose of cognitive-behavioral therapy is to help retrain the brain. Habit circuits are important for survival in every living being. The brain circuits are the ones that wire limbic systems, the strongest part in the human brain. As problematic habits develop, they go to that part of the brain responsible for compulsive actions. The habit-forming process is helpful for survival. However, it turns into a problem when you use drugs and alcohol.

For instance, depressed individuals habitually take drugs or drink alcohol. As a result, the brain keeps on reminding them to take drugs or alcohol whenever they become depressed. Eventually, the habit becomes a compulsive behavior that you cannot control. However, CBT San Antonio can help adjust the habit circuits when used in addiction treatment.

The cognitive behavioral therapy san antonio is a popular treatment method for addiction. This method helps in identifying certain thoughts and behaviors that resulted in addictive behavior. Psychotherapy sessions help identify triggers. You will know when you tend to use drugs or alcohol like when stressed, angry, sad, and lonely. Therefore, cognitive behavioral therapy helps to separate triggers from substance abuse behavior.

On the other hand, an addiction treatment center will provide a safe environment to replace old behaviors with new ones. It would, however, be difficult to do that outside rehab. Unless you are in a structured environment, triggers can be anywhere. However, staying in rehab helps you rewire the brain, as well as learn healthy coping ways in case of triggers. CBT will also help you replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts over time. Eventually, you overcome addiction and build a healthy life. Read more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Behaviour_therapy .

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